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Meet our Chief Medical Officer

John Whiteside, MD is our new Chief Medical Officer at Marillac Clinic, October 2014.

Dr. Whiteside has joined Marillac Clinic as their new Chief Medical Officer, beginning October 27, 2014.

Dr. Whiteside has over 17 years experience in family medicine. Over 12 years experience at Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona and the last 5 ½ years as Associate Director for St. Mary’s Family Residency Program. Dr. Whiteside will be providing primary care to of patients of all ages at Marillac Clinic.

Dr. Whiteside is a forward-thinking leader whose commitment to team-based care, strong referral linkages and quality improvement equip him to skillfully lead all of Marillac’s health center plans for improved patient and community health in Mesa County.

Welcome Dr. Whiteside!