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Medications: How to and Refills

Clinic patients can receive their medications at reduced rates. See below the new process for filling your prescription medications.


Marillac Clinic is working with two pharmacies in Grand Junction and Palisade that will offer the Marillac Clinic prescription formulary at a low cost to our patients.  The Palisade Pharmacy and Orchard Pharmacy work closely with Marillac Clinic.  This new process began in May 2009. 

The clinic has enhanced it's Medication Assistance Program (MAP) for patients to apply for ongoing prescription medications from pharmaceutical companies free of charge. A $5 fee required for each application.

Medication Refills

Call the pharmacy where the medication was filled. The pharmacy will fax the request to Marillac Clinic for authorization.

You will need:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Medication name
  • Prescription # on bottle
  • Your phone number


Call 3 days before running out of medication!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to call in my medication order?
Your prescription order may need to go to the provider for approval. This process may take up to three days.

My prescription bottle indicates I have refills but I am told it needs Doctor authorization?
The prescription may have expired. Prescriptions are good for 12 months from the first date the prescription was written by the provider for that medication.

If my prescription requires authorization does this also mean I need a medical appointment?
Not always. Your provider will notify you if you need to be seen before your prescription can be filled.

I don’t know my prescription number to call in for the refill. Should I still call the refill line?
Yes. Leave the name of medication along with your name, date of birth and your phone number. Our staff will look up the prescription number.