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(MAP) Medication Assistance Program

Scheduled appointments for applying for your MAP medications can be made Monday-Friday by calling 298-1782


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Marillac Clinic offers a Medication Assistance Program (MAP) to provide assistance to patients applying for ongoing prescription medications from pharmaceutical companies free of charge.

Patients can meet with our MAP techs to complete applications only after the provider writes the prescription for the medication. It is the patient’s responsibility to make an MAP appointment to begin the application process. A small fee of $5 is required for each application.


Scheduling Your MAP Appointment

  1. Call 298-1782 to schedule the 10-15 minutes PRE-SCREEN APPOINTMENT to explain the program and process
  2. Return application for processing
  3. MAP technician will call patient for appointment to sign application
  4. Medication arrives at clinic and patient will receive letter to come by and pick up their medication


Pickup times for MAP medications

2-5 pm daily from Front Desk

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all my prescriptions available from MAP?
No. Only selected medications are available. The pharmaceutical companies determine the medications offered.

Why do you ask for pay stubs and tax returns?
Some company programs ask for copies of your most recent tax return or most recent month pay stubs as proof of income in order to meet the program guidelines.

I enrolled for the first time 2 months ago and received a letter telling me it is time to renew my medication. I thought my enrollment was good for 1 year. Why am I being asked to do a renewal?
The enrollment is good for 1 year. Income documentation is submitted annually but the company only ships a 3 month supply and we need your permission to reorder the medication for you. This requires an application and new prescription from your provider.