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Marillac's 2006/07 Annual Report

06/07 Annual Report now available on-line
Marillac's 2006/07 Annual Report


A Message from the Director...

Steve Hurd, PhD


Fiscal year 2006-2007:   Upstream! It continues to be the key strategy for the Clinic. In the past year, we have further developed our early outreach programs and screenings to access an ever growing patient base. I am confident that just as our integrated model has become nationally recognized and acclaimed, so too, will our aggressive outreach strategies. Marillac continues to identify local solutions to our national health care challenges. As more and more employers find it increasingly difficult to provide health insurance for their employees, greater access to Marillac services for families in our community becomes more crucial every day. We are honored to belong to this wonderful community and look forward to a future of even greater service.

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