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Why Volunteer at Marillac Clinic?

It's a wonderful way to contribute to the community and to life!


Volunteering at Marillac Clinic is self-rewarding and fun!

Our professional volunteers include working and retired health professionals. They help with patient services in the Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic and Integrative Care. Many other volunteers help with outreach activities, health screenings and school dental screenings. Marillac works with several universities to provide clinical rotations for their students in dental, medical and nursing degree programs. Apply early as there is limited availability for these rotations.

  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Learn about services and programs
  • Become part of the Marillac Clinic family


Volunteers help one or two days a week, once or twice a month or more depending on their personal schedule. They give four or more hours of their time while at the Clinic or helping with special activities.  

Marillac Clinic also welcomes bi-lingual volunteers to help in the Clinic and with outreach activities. Those who serve as interpreters and assist with translation services are required to complete the Clinic’s bi-lingual skills testing requirements.


To volunteer or for more information: CALL 298-2877.

Complete the attached Volunteer Interest Form (print out PDF) or fill out Online

  1. Submit a cover letter or paragraph summary indicating interest in volunteering with Marillac Clinic and knowledge of Marillac Clinic
  2. Include educational background, applicable skills, training and any volunteer experience
  3. Indicate day/s and time available to volunteer
  4. All health professionals must submit a copy of current Colorado State License
  5. All volunteers required to submit health records for required immunizations and documentation of flu vaccine during flu season (November 1 - March 31)
  6. All volunteers required to complete a background check, drug testing and attend the Volunteer Orientation Program held at St. Mary’s Hospital