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2009 Summer Marillac Clinic Director's Corner

Marillac continues to meet the increasing needs of Mesa County families during challenging economic times.


It's no secret that when folks get laid off they often lose their health insurance. That means more and more of us in the Valley are unable to access health care. For over twenty years, our community has provided the means for Marillac to provide medical, dental, mental health and optical care as well as medication for thousands of our fellow residents.

These  tough times affect all of us. Marillac is no exception. Across the country charitable giving is down, and funding from grants is more competitive than ever.

We recently learned that a portion of the state's funding for community health clinics has been reduced. Other funding sources will be in short supply as well.

Since its inception, Marillac has maintained the value of excellent stewardship. In response to this funding reduction, we have made operational and administrative adjustments that will help the Clinic meet the increasing demand for our services.

Cutting expenses while maintaining services...

Recently, we decided to discontinue the role of dispensing medication from our on-site medication outlet. With the advent of $4.00 prescriptions available at a variety of we determined that this cost-saving step would not impair patient care. Two local pharmacies  Walker Drug in Grand Junction and the Palisade Pharmacy  have graciously agreed to dispense mediations not included in the $4.00 formulary. Both of these pharmacies are located just a short distance from our two clinics.

Many of our patients will continue to need expensive brand-name medications. Fortunately, most pharmaceutical companies make their medications available to our patients at no cost or at a reduced price through a Medication Assistance Program (MAP). Marillac will direct these savings towards making our eligibility and MAP processes more efficient.

Your support is more important than ever...

If you are reading this, you are already a good friend of the Clinic, and we are deeply grateful for your past support. However, your continued support is more important than ever.

As you may know, for many years Marillac has made only one annual appeal to the community. Traditionally, this has occurred us. Rest assured that we are doing our part to make every dollar count. Only 14.3% of our budget goes to fund development and administrative expenses. That means that 85.7 cents of every donated dollar goes to helping our patients.

Most of the folks we see at the Clinic come from hard-working families who simply don't have access to health insurance. They are  fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends, and neighbors. All pay what they can afford for their care and all are deserving of our help.

Make a Donation

Please consider an additional gift to Marillac. When you help someone access quality health care, you make our community a better place for all of us to live! Please consider giving to Marillac today.

Thank you again for all you do to make a difference in the lives of thousands of your neighbors!

Steve Hurd, Ph.D.

Executive Director