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2009 Annual Report Message from Steve Hurd, PhD

Please see attached 2009 Annual Report PDF at the bottom of the page.

Looking ahead to the good that is yet to be done!


Steve Hurd, PhD
Executive Director

A challenging year

2009 was a challenging year for the Grand Valley, and Marillac Clinic was no exception.  Not since the early years of the Clinic have resources been so stretched. As Colorado state government addressed its budget crisis, the state reduced funding to Marillac by nearly $750,000.  Some of these cuts were anticipated while others were not.  These dramatic reductions occurred just as the Valley entered a severe recession. A large number of our residents lost their jobs as well as their health insurance.  Our eligibility requests increased by 200% during the second half of 2009.
We are pleased to report that the Clinic did not reduce our services for the thousands of families who rely upon us for health care. We made prudent decisions to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies. The unwavering dedication of the Clinic's staff continues to be phenomenal. Our staff selflessly treats families with great respect and dignity, while providing them with health care of high quality.
Our community responded to this challenge with considerable generosity and compassion. Our year-end appeal was the most successful in our history, and support came from loyal friends as well as many new donors. This occurred during a time when many of our contributors were facing their own personal financial challenges.  We are truly humbled by this outpouring of support and are inspired and encouraged by your response.

Looking ahead

Traditionally, annual reports comment on the work accomplished during the previous year.  However, we also want this year's report to reflect upon the words of Mother Xavier Ross, the foundress of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, that appear on the cover of this report: "Look forward to the good that is yet to be done."
Hard times can have a silver lining; and difficult circumstances often produce creative solutions. We remember that Marillac Clinic came into existence during a challenging economic period in the 1980’s. Out of compassion, our community crafted an organized response to care for the uninsured. Few communities in our country have accomplished this. Today, the mission and vision are alive and well. We firmly believe that we will emerge from these financial challenges together - stronger than ever!